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King's Lynn - All Saint's

This is a magnificent church in King's Lynn set amongst the ' car crash' that is the "Hillingdon Square" housing development. 

Brick lined grave
Possible Slate ledger stone
© Godric Godricson

Whilst this housing  development may have been a major development in 1960s architecture, it has rather distorted and confused the surrounding geographical area.  The church seems to be hemmed in on all sides by modern development to the point where it is held down and squashed.  Moreover, the railings that probably surrounded the cemetery  on three to four sides have all been removed and the cemetery has become little more than an open space for the housing development.  Unincorporated into its surroundings, the church is isolated and alone and is the subject of vandalism and  community disinterest.  However, it seems to be the way of things that there is little involvement of the local community with this ancient monument and place of worship.  The Anglo-Catholic tradition, once the powerhouse of 19th century Episcopalian worship in the United Kingdom has not continued into the 21st century with its former vigour.  People living nearby have no interest in the building or the cemetery and seen her involvement with building or the tradition that it represents.  The cemetery itself is now largely municipal in nature and contains very little of interest although one can see a brick lined grave atmospherically situated.  The large ledger stone on the surface is swept with rain.  Surprisingly, this interesting church and cemetery is only 100 yards or so away from the Jewish cemetery

King's Lynn - Saint Margaret's

Saint Margaret's Church
Re-sited monuments
This is a truly magnificent building and if it were anywhere else other than Kings Lane it would be much visited, publicised and developed.  As it is, the cemetery and Church is situated in the ancient quarter of the town and is slightly overlooked by visitors in favour of the High Street. 

The church itself  is like a cathedral in miniature and amazing in its size and location so close to the harbour.  It is quite clearly the centre of the old town of King's Lynn and the cemetery (at one point) would have been very much a desirable place to be buried.  Regrettably, the church authorities have done what many Church of England parishes have done and since the 1960s they have cleared the site.  Whilst not totally cleansing the cemetery of headstones,  the Church authorities have redeveloped the monuments in such a way that a mechanised mower can cut the grass and keep the place tidy.  In effect, this means that the upright headstones from the 18th and 19th centuries have been placed on the edge of the cemetery and this effectively destroyed the dialogue between the monument, church and the town.  I am sure that many people were congratulated on the cost saving involved but the effect is quite unpleasing and became 'municipal' in character.  At St Margarets the headstones have been lined up around the edge and now form a sort of triple wall which separates the church and cemetery from the surrounding buildings.  What we can see is a form of institutional vandalism and it is to be hoped that some recording of the headstones in situ took place before they were removed.  At St Margarets the headstones form a barrier between the cemetery and the ruins of St Margarets Priory which has been formed from the rather beautiful domestic dwellings.  In this sense the people of Kings Lane still live in close proximity to their ancestors who rest on the other side of the wall.

The majority of the monuments at St Margarets are upright and have been replaced in this form although there are two or more chest tombs which remain and which are  interesting.  Unusually, St Margarets has removed some monuments in favour of providing vehicular access to the properties formed from the ruins of St Margarets Priory and this is fairly atypical.  I have not come across another cemetery where vehicular access has been formed in such a way and one may only imagine that the parish needed a faculty from the diocesan authorities to create this novelty.

Saint Margaret's
Priory arch
The Episcopalian authorities are truly blessed with monuments and remains in that some of the monuments they do have are cast aside and thrown.We can see that a 13th century stone sarcophagus has been thrown out of the building here at some point in a previous restoration of cleansing of the building.  The broken segments lie on the boundary line between the church and the street outside.  It seems that it may have been better to collect up these pieces and place them inside the building where the originated and in this manner continue the dialogue between the artefact and building.  The discarding of a stone sarcophagus seems in some way part of the church's wider discarding its own history and antiquity.

Saint Margarets is an interest in church.   If you are visiting Kings Lane to have a look at St Margarets but also have a look at the cemetery itself.  On a sunny day you will find people wandering around quite happily and it has none of the doom and gloom seen in other town centre cemeteries in other cities in the United Kingdom.  There is no  graffiti or dereliction etc.  Whilst the church authorities have cleared away some of the monuments they also clear away the refuse that tends to surrounded many buildings in municipal areas.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

"2,000-year-old body found in Watton"

Watton Town sign

Swaffham and Watton Times 21st July 2011

"Human remains thought to be nearly 2,000 years old have been unearthed at a building site in Norfolk.The man’s body, found crouched in a burial pit, could date back to Roman times and is the latest in a string of fascinating discoveries to be made at the former RAF Watton base.  Experts working at the site have previously uncovered six Bronze Age axes while a Bronze Age round barrow with a cremation urn and five other cremation burials were found at the end of 2010".

Burial sites - work in progress

Burial sites - work in progress

· Amies. John. Died 1847. (Link)   Saint Botolph-Trunch, Norfolk
· Barnes. Robert. Priest Died July 1918 [Link]. Saint Mary – Burgh Next Aylsham. [Link]
· Barnes. Thomas. Priest Died 1917. [Link]. Saint Mary – Burgh Next Aylsham. [Link]
· Bateman, William. (Bishop of Norwich) 1298-1355 (Link) – Buried at Avignon
· Bennett. John.   1840-1864. Link) Buried Saint Andrew-West Bradenham
· Bennett. Robert 1811-1879. (Link) Buried Saint Andrew-West Bradenham-Norfolk
· Bennett. Sarah 1812-1892 (Link) Buried Saint Andrew-West Bradenham
· Bobbins. HRJ.  (5773070) - Died 2nd July 1940. [Link] Saint Mary - Heacham (Link)
· Boleyn. Sir William. 1451- 1505 Great Grandfather to Queen Elizabeth. (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Boulter. Charles.  Died 1816. Saint Mary – Burgh Next Aylsham. [Link]
· Bugden. John.  Died 16th October 1838. [Link]. All Saints – Skeyton [Link]
· Butters. William Chilvers. Died 2 October 1894. (Link). Buried Saint Nicholas – Ashill
· Calthorpe. Dame Elizabeth. Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Corbet. Richard. (Bishop of Norwich) 1582-1635  (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Courtney. Richard. – (Bishop of Norwich) Died 1415 (Link) – Buried Westminster Abbey
· Crofts. John. Dean of Norwich.(Link)  Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Daines. George. 1840 – 1929. (Link) Buried Saint Andrew – Holme Hale
· Dawes. Henry. 1788 -1873. (Link)  Buried Saint Andrew-West Bradenham
· De Gray. Johannes. . (Bishop of Norwich) Died 1214 (Link)
· De Hart, Walter. (Bishop of Norwich) Died 1472 (Link)
· De Walton. Simeon. . (Bishop of Norwich)  Died 1266 (Link) – Buried Norwich Cathedral (Lady Chapel
· Dunham. Ann. Died 1848.  (Link) Saint Andrew-East Lexham-Norfolk
· Dunham. William. Died 1850. (Link) Saint Andrew-East Lexham-Norfolk
· Erpingham. Sir Thomas. 1355-1428 (Link)  Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Fortescue. William Henry. 1st Earl of Clermont. Died 30 September 1806. [Link]. Buried Saint Andrew – Little Cressingham
· Freake. Edmund. (Bishop of Norwich) 1516-1591 (Link) – Buried at Worcester cathedral
· Gardiner. Georger. 1535-1589 (Link). Dean of Norwich. Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Haggard . William Meybohm Rider.1817 – 1893. (Link)    Buried Saint Andrew-West Bradenham
· Haggard. Ella (nee Doveton) 1819 - 9th December 1889. (Link). Buried Saint Andrew-West Bradenham
· Hall. Joseph. (Bishop of Norwich) 1574-1656  (Link) Buried Heigham Church.
· Hassal. Dr. John. Buried Creak Church
· Herbert. William. (Bishop of Norwich) (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Hobart. James (of Holt)  Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Hobart. Sir James.  (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Hudson. Edward. Died November 25 1907. (Link)  Buried Saint Andrew-Holme Hale
· Jerningham. Hon. Frances Stafford. Died Genoa 1838. Buried Our Lady and Saint Walstan. (Link) Costessey, Norwich
· Jerningham. Hon. Georgiana Stafford. Died 1848. Leamington Spa. Buried Our Lady and Saint Walstan. (Link) Costessey, Norwich
· Jerningham. Hon. Isabella Stafford.  Buried Our Lady and Saint Walstan. (Link) Costessey, Norwich
· Karolyi. Count Adam 1917 – 1939 (Link) 1st Burial at Chale, Isle of Wight. Then Hungry.
· Kent. Armine.  Died 21st August 1818 [Link]. Saint Mary – Burgh Next Aylsham. [Link]
· Kiddell. Elizabeth. 1812 - October 27th 1856. (Link) Buried Saint Andrew – Holme Hale
· Kirbell. Ann.  Died  September 1779. (Link).  Buried All Saints – Necton
· Le Spencer. Henry. (Bishop of Norwich) 1341–1406 (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
·  Markham. Thomas. Died 1686 (Link) All Saints-Litcham, Norfolk
· Mason. Dorothy. 1559 – 1645. [Link]. Saint Mary - Heacham (Link)
· Masters, Dr. Chancellor of Norwich Buried Norwich Cathedral
· McDonough. Albert. [Link]. Died 1871. Saint Mary - Heacham (Link)
· Meadows. Lydia. Died 11th March 1845. Buried All Saints – Necton
· Meadows. Rich. Died .January 10th 1767  (Link)  Buried All Saints – Necton
· Miller. Donna Florinda. 1860-1864 (Link). Buried All Saints – Necton
· Montagu.  Richard. . (Bishop of Norwich) 1577 -1641 (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Moore. Minnie-Rose. Died January 10th 1895. [Link]. Buried Saint Andrew – Little Cressingham
· Neal. James. 1822 – 1906.[Link]. All Saints – Skeyton [Link]
· Nicks. Richard (Bishop of Norwich) 1447-1535. (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Overall. John . (Bishop of Norwich) 1559–1619 (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Pankhurst. John. (Bishop of Norwich. 1511-1574. (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Parmeter. John William..Died 25th July 1799 [Link]. Saint Mary – Burgh Next Aylsham. [Link]
· Penrose. Alexander Doyle Peckover.1896 – 1950 (Link) Buried Saint Andrew-West Bradenham
· Percy. Thomas. . (Bishop of Norwich) Died 1369  (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Porter. Edmund. Prebend. Buried Norwich Cathedral. 1595-1670 (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Raylie. Anne. died 1627. [Link]. Buried Saint Nicholas – King’s Lynn [Link]
· Salmon. John. . (Bishop of Norwich) Died 1325 (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Salter.Walter – Died 1776. (Link) Buried Saint Mary-Haddiscoe
· Scambler. Edmund. (Bishop of Norwich) 1520-1594. (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Sceberras-Testaferrata. Rinaldo. Died 21st December 1845. [Link] Buried Ferozeshah, India [Link]
· Secker. James.  d. June 3 1911. Buried Saint Andrew- Holme Hale
· Sexton. Ann Elizabeth – Skeyton. [Link].  All Saints – Skeyton [Link]
· Skerning. Roger. . (Bishop of Norwich) Died 1278  (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Somerville. Mary Stuart Maitland Makgill 1829-1895. (Link). Buried Chale Isle of Wight
· Southwell. Sir Francis
· Spencer. Captain Robert Cavendish. Died on 4 November, 1830. Buried Saint Michael’s bastion-Valetta.
· Spencer. Miles. LLD. Buried Norwich Cathedral (Link) Between pillars of the South aisle
· Stracey. Charlotte 1816 - 1884. [Link]. Buried All Saints - Rackheath
· Stracey. Edward, Paulet. (Link) Died  1949 All Saints-Rackheath
· Suthfield. Walter. . (Bishop of Norwich) (Link) – Buried in the Lady Chapel.
· Thirlby. William (Bishop of Norwich) 1500–1570 (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
·  Tottington.  Alexander. (Bishop of Norwich) Died 1413.  (Link) – Buried Norwich Cathedral (Lady Chapel)
· Trollop. Brightmer . Born .1811 Died August 20th 1881. (Link).  Buried All Saints – Necton
· Turbus. William. (Bishop of Norwich) 1146 - 1174 (Link) Buried Norwich Cathedral
· Turner. Ann. Died 29th September 1734. (Link)  Buried Saint Mary - Little  Walsingham
· Uvedale. Sir Edmund.  Died 1606. (Link). Buried  Wimborne Minster
· Whitby. James.  Died . 6th September 1825. (Link)  Buried Saint Andrew – Holme Hale
· Williamson. Florence and Robert. [Link]. Saint Mary - Heacham (Link)
· Winter. Mary. Died August 1921. [Link].  Saint Mary – Burgh Next Aylsham. [Link]
· Wright. Kate Emma Died 1931. [Link]. Saint Mary - Heacham (Link)
· Wych. Richard.  (Bishop of Chichester and Saint) 1197 -1253. (Link) Buried Chichester  Cathedral