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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Charles William Jerningham

Norfolk Annals 1820

Died, aged 47, at Dunkirk, Mr. Charles William Jerningham, second son of Sir William Jerningham, of Costessey.  “Mr. Jerningham had served eight camps in the Austrian Army with distinguished valour, being engaged in the great battles of Jemappe and Fleurus, and was several times wounded.”  His remains were interred at Costessey on October 23rd.

Sir William Jerningham - Costessey

Norfolk Annals 1809

Died, at his seat at Costessey, aged 74, Sir William Jerningham, Bart., (“subject to the decision now pending in the House of Lords”) Baron Stafford, of Stafford Castle.  He was succeeded in his title and estate by his eldest son, Mr. George Jerningham, Haughley Park.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Charles Edward Jerningham - Graf Von Jerningham

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Born abt.  1727     Died 23rd October 1802

"Died, at Vienna, aged 80, General Jerningham, (Graf Von Jerningham)  nephew of Sir George Jerningham, Bart., of Costessey.  He was upwards of 50 years in the Imperial service, and was Chamberlin to the Empress Maria Theresa and to the Emperors Joseph, Leopold, and Francis".