Friday, 20 January 2012

Donna Florinda Miller 1860-1864 - Necton

© Godric Godricson

Donna Florinda Miller  (Donna Floanda in the IGI)  1860-1864

Christened  19 February 1860  Necton

Daughter of Thomas (1817 Little Dunham d. 1884)  a tailor and Amelia Miller (b. 1827, d. 1893)

Sister to  Elijah, (b 1845) Hagar Amelia (1849-1888), Walter Holmes (1853-1932), Omer Edward (1856-) 

Ann Kirbell d. September 1779 - Buried Necton

© Godric Godricson
Ann Kirbell of South Pickenham died September 1779

Sarah  Kirbell 22 March 1767 South Pickenham

Elizabeth Kirbell  03 March 1771  South Pickenham

Elizabeth Kirbell  24 May 1772  South Pickenham

Maria Kirbell  08 September 1776  South Pickenham  married William Bayes 26 November 1783   South Pickenham  son Thomas Bayes b. 10 September  1786   South Pickenham

(The dates for the children relate to christenings)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thos. Heming - Swanton Morley

© Godric Godricson

Thos Heming—Attorney.
Weep, widows, orphans; all your late support,
Himself is summon’d to a higher court:
Living he pleaded yours, but with this clause,
That Christ at death should only plead his cause.

Title: Gleanings in Graveyards a collection of Curious Epitaphs Author: Horatio Edward Norfolk

Thomas Jolly - Deopham (1847)

“At Deopham, near Hingham, a skeleton has been found, underneath the floor of an old barn, which was being pulled down, and it is supposed to be the remains of Thomas Jolly, aged 20, the heir of the estate, who was missing 52 years since, and is supposed to have been murdered.  A piece of his dress and a small portion of his handkerchief were also found.”

Title: Norfolk Annals  A Chronological Record of Remarkable Events in the Nineteeth Century, Vol. 1     Author: Charles Mackie