Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fra Giorgio Nibbia (1555-1619)

Taz-Zuntier or 'Chapel of Bones'
I've often mentioned that Christianity can ( and does ) appear as a cult of the dead and as a cult of bones as relics of humanity. Instead of letting the dead sink into the Earth from which they came the Church manipulates bones in death as it manipulated the living. The Chapel of Bones attributed to Fra Giorgio Nibbia (1555-1619) is one example although largely destroyed by enemy action over Malta and the actions of a secularist Government in the 1970's. The Chapel evidenced and demonstrated the dead of the nearby hospital.

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Walter Rodwell Wright - Chief Justice Malta

Walter Rodwell Wright - Chief Justice Malta

Msida Cemetery Bastion


Maxime Vorobev 2009 - Grand Harbour, Malta

"Russian orphans brought to Malta for short stays with local families may have been scarred by the experience, experts have told The Sunday Times.
Children's Commissioner Carmen Zammit voiced concern over the work of the International Charity Society, which has brought Russian children to Malta since 1998. The issues she raised were backed by clinical psychologist Martin Micallef. The Sunday Times last week highlighted the case of 13-year-old boy Sergei Federov who was hosted by Karl and Romina Bonaci for five years before being sent back to Russia in January. He has not returned. This occurred weeks before the body of another orphan, Maxim Vorobyev, was found in the sea 10 days after he disappeared last February".

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Joseph Pyke - Died 1958

Irish Salem
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"Brother Gibson was then rebutting claims by the Joseph Pyke Memorial Trust that Joseph Pyke died in 1958 after a beating by a Brother in Tralee industrial school. Having stated that he was quoting from the boy's death certificate he said last Monday that on February 9th, 1958 Joseph Pyke had died of "bilateral pleural effusion". This he understood to mean pneumonia. However, a copy of the death certificate of 16-year-old Joseph Pyke "apprentice bootmaker", since seen by The Irish Times, gives the cause of death as "Bilateral Pleural Effusion. Septicaemia. Certified". Mr Pyke is recorded as having died in St Joseph's Industrial School, Tralee, on the date given, February 9th, 1958. Brother Gibson did say, however, that the death certificate had been officially changed from the original which, he said, gave "senility" as a cause of the boy's death. That, he said, was changed later to "septicaemia".