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George Daines 1840 - 1929

George Daines
1840 - 1929
© Godric Godricson

The life of George Daines is well reflected in the public record and we can see that George lived a life in Holme Hale and was very much part of his community situated in mid Norfolk. The son of George and Elizabeth is called 'Saines' in the Census of 1851 and we have to deduce who the name 'Saines' should represent.

The web site of Norfolk Pubs has George Daines as the landlord of the Railway Inn from 1885 to 1912. This information is reflected in the 1911 Census and seems to build on a lifetime of progress and advancement.

The 1901 Census does not show any family at the same address in Holme Hale although George continues to live with his wife Maria. It is not until the 1891 Census that we find George and Maria or Mary living with a daughter Agnes at The Railway Tavern. Agnes is seen to be a dressmaker born in the village whilst Mary was born in nearby Ashill.

The 1881 Census has a surprise in store and we see George Daines employed as a farm bailiff of 125 Acres and employing 3 labourers. This seems unlikely considering later employment although in a highly rural environment it is entirely likely for a man to have a number of occupations and for some of that endeavour to be spent in rural occupations. The 1871 Census sees George as an agricultural labourer  living on Lower Road in the village with Mary and daughters Harriet and Agnes.

Harriet Daines married Walter Ward in1853 in Swaffham and gave birth to Ada  (1882),Walter (1883), Agnes  (1885), Ernest (1890), Hilda (1893), Mary (1897), Stanley (1898) and Phyllis (1900). In effect, the descendants of George Daines  now populate most of central Norfolk. Perhaps this is one of the great successes of anyone reflected in genealogy. I'm sure that the descendants of George lie in the cemetery of Swaffham.

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