Saturday, 3 December 2011

William Meybohm Rider Haggard 1817 - 1893

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The cemetery is a place where both the great and the good and also the rich and the poor meet in their journey towards eternity and here we can see the Haggard family coming into contact with the peasantry of Bradenham. Despite their wealth and occupancy of Bradenham Hall they have no option but to rest in the earth with ordinary people. Death is a leveller and one that has no respect of person. A person may have great wealth on earth and yet we are all going in the same direction. Please have a look at the 'Find a grave' entry for Sir William which is interesting and well written. I won't try to repeat this commentary  here as it would be re-writing what has already been said with eloquence and brevity.Interestingly, it may have been the case that this family would have been interred indoors (intramural inhumation) prior to 1855 although the Municipal Burials Act made that traditional option more difficult and perhaps more unfashionable.

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