Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bryant Lewis - Thetford Epitaph

© Godric Godricson
On Bryant Lewis, who was barbarously murdered upon the heath near Thetford, Sept. 13, 1698.
"Fifteen wide wounds this stone veils from thine eyes,
But reader, hark their voice doth pierce the skies.
Vengeance, cried Abel’s blood against cursed Cain,
But better things spake Christ when he was slain.
Both, both, cries Lewis ’gainst his barbarous foes,
Blood, Lord, for blood, but save his soul from woe"

Title: Gleanings in Graveyards a collection of Curious Epitaphs Author: Horatio Edward Norfolk

Please also see a blog with a photo of the headstone of Bryant in Saint George's Church, Colegate, Norwich.  also   appears in British-History

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