Thursday, 9 August 2012

"Health of towns" 1843

"Health of towns":
an examination of the report
and evidence of the Select Committee:
of Mr. Mackinnon's Bill: 

.... for establishing
cemeteries around the metropolis.
(p:22 1843)

The Rev. J. C. Abdy, of St. John's, Southwark, says,

" My opinion decidedly is, that funerals, in certain churchyards in the metropolis, should not be, without qualification, prohibited. I can imagine very serious evils to arise, if there be any law which shall, without certain restrictions and qualifications, prohibit funerals in certain churchyards; and I do sincerely hope and trust such a stringent law may not pass. In my own parish we have a very large spacious churchyard, and we have no inconvenience arising from the interment of the dead: we have a number of vaults; there are many of them with scarcely more than one or two tenants, and they may hold from ten to twenty more".

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