Sunday, 5 August 2012

Saint Peter Parmentergate - Norwich

Saint Peter Parmentergate is a Church that I have not been in and I don't know how to gain entry. This is a massive pile of a building with a graveyard that has been scraped in favour of a municipal City park. The population of this City centre area has grown back with the redevelopment of King Street although the parish has gone with the present parish being found centred on Saint John the Baptist nearby. The parkland around the Church is maintained and available and I imagine that the Church is similarly maintained unlike the poor remains of Saint Etheldreda so badly treated by the artistic community of Norwich.

A crescent inside a star - King Street, Norwich
© Godric Godricson

The scraped graveyard becomes the park
Saint Peter parmentergate - King Street, Norwich
© Godric Godricson

Ann Norris - Buried Saint Peter Parmentergate, King Street, Norwich
© Godric Godricson

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