Thursday, 12 July 2012

Muntjac wilderness

© Godric Godricson

This is a shot that I really like although it may need some explanation. The graveyard is way out in the countryside of Norfolk or 'Planet Norfolk' as I often think of it because the environment is like no-where else.

This graveyard is in a parish that has no population nearby. The weather was hot for England in 2012 where we have some of the wettest weather on record. The sun shone and the flies buzzed around in an aimless sort of manner. There was a faint rustling from the grasses and I suspect that this was caused by a small deer, possibly Muntjac or similar. This was a wonderful experience as wildlife creeps into the graveyard and makes a home there turning a place of the dead into a place for the living. I was frustrated that I couldn't reach the furthest edge of the graveyard although this was a small price to pay for the benefits of this wildlife reserve..

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