Monday, 9 July 2012


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The orb experience

When I started this blog I made a mental note to keep an eye on the idea of orbs. These are the spheres that can appear in photographs when you have low light and a flash. This photograph was taken on a day when the natural light was very low and there was no electric lighting available. The flash can be seen on the woodwork. Within seconds of this photograph being taken there was an enormous thunder storm with lightening that flashed across the sky.

I was aware of the idea of orbs being a supernatural phenomena and in this location and in this low light I was prepared for anything. Luckily the person who occasionally travels with me likes a good Gothic scene and a dark medieval Church. I was pleased not to be alone as the thunder shook the building and the sky became white with electricity. Wow!

When I had a look at the picture and found the orb I was delighted. It was as if my feelings about orbs were confirmed. Eventually, I had found one and captured it  as it floated over the East End. Larger than most orbs, this orb has an almost geometrical quality and in truth I would have liked a perfect sphere.

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