Sunday, 8 July 2012

Saint Andrew - Bacton

Saint Andrew - Bacton (Link)
A Church interior being repaired
© Godric Godricson

The interior of the Church of Saint Andrew at Bacton looking East. This is one of those East Anglian Churches that are a long way from their present community with no sign of being part of a community. A path leads from the graveyard out into the lonely fields. In magnificent isolation on the day that I visited Saint Andrew's was being renovated. The floors were up and the building was largely dark and uninspiring to the sound of hammers.

I was left with the idea of Churches in the medieval period that were 'failing' or perhaps under threat, This must be what it feels like to be in a semi derelict Church. Perhaps this was what it was like to be inside the Beachamwell Churches as they became derelict? I hope to go to Bacton when the work is completed.

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